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An Exclusive Product Demo Reception

Hosted by The World's Fastest Security Training Platform
July 5th, 2022
10am - 14pm
ibis Frankfurt Airport,
Langer Kornweg 9a-11

Meet with the CybeReady team

Want to chat about how we can help you cyber-train your organization effectively with one hour per quarter? Want to find out why hundreds of companies like Heraeus, Wieland Group, Kion Group, and more have switched their solution to CybeReady's?

Meet a different approach to Security Awareness Training (that saves you time. Lots of time).

Robert Paulus, CEO of Paulus GmbH, and Mike Polatsek, Co-Founder & CSO of CybeReady, the world's fastest security training platform, will demonstrate how security teams globally train their entire organizations effectively, with just one hour per quarter!

Join our exclusive product demo to achieve:

- Fastest deployment: run 10 phishing simulations per month, personalized per employee

- Fastest data analysis: obtain detailed risk group metrics

- Fastest reporting: generate progress reports per department to share with Management