[WEBINAR] The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Security Awareness Training Approach: From vision to friction

A DIY employee training program is a compelling option for many organizations - it appears to be cheaper if you can utilize internal resources, and it allows you to design content to fit your organizational specific needs.

But there’s a hidden price InfoSec managers may not be aware of, until they actually try this approach themselves.

Working for Worten Portugal - an innovative Consumer Electronics company, Security and DevOps Lead André Costa Alves and his InfoSec team had access to plenty of creative resources in-house.

Since Worten is all about efficiency, they’ve decided to build their own security training content: They collaborated with other teams to create beautiful videos, crafted phishing simulation emails, and started testing employees.

Join our webinar on Wednesday, May 5th at 11 am (GMT+1) to hear André Costa’s story, insights from his DIY security training journey, and how he managed to find and deploy the ‘best of both worlds'.

The Webinar will be in English & Portuguese.

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